Mystery Valley Golf Association

Mystery Valley Golf Association By-Laws


Mystery Valley Golf Association, (MVGA; non-profit, unincorporated)


The purpose of the MVGA is to increase the enjoyment, skill, knowledge of, and respect for the game, and to promote amateur golf.


Membership is open to all male amateur golfers of 18 years or older, upon payment of annual dues. Dues are payable on or before January 31st of each year. Membership dues payable after said date are subject to penalty. The Board of Directors and officers may at their discretion waive the age limitation to allow membership of younger golfers.


Officers elected annually and by a Board of Directors shall govern the Mystery Valley Golf Association.

The elected officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President/Treasurer, Tournament Chairman, Secretary, Handicap Chairman, and Special Assistant. As directed by the By-Laws, the elected and appointed officers shall be responsible for the continuing operation of the MVGA.

The position of Special Assistant shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board for a one-year term. He may then run for the office of Tournament Chairman the following year.

It is the intent of the MVGA to provide for rotating membership on the Board of Directors. The term of membership shall not exceed seven years. Upon completion of the seventh year of service, membership shall cease.

The Board of Directors shall be composed of five past presidents, the presiding president and the vice-president. One additional past president shall be added to the Board of Directors in each year thereafter. In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the remaining Board members shall choose a successor.


The President shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall preside at all MVGA meetings. The President shall see that all other officers perform their specific duties. The President shall assist in running monthly tournaments.

The Vice-President shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President and shall perform the duties of the President when the President is unable to serve. The Vice-President shall serve as Treasurer and shall be responsible for the collection and accounting of MVGA monies. A financial report shall be submitted monthly to the Board of Directors. The Vice-President shall also be President Elect and assist in running monthly tournaments.

The Secretary shall keep records pertaining to membership and communications, shall keep minutes of the monthly meetings and shall be responsible for the newsletters and its distribution. The Secretary shall assist in running monthly tournaments.

The Tournament Chairman shall be responsible for the administration and selection of monthly tournaments with the assistance of all other elected officers.

The Handicap Chairman shall maintain handicap records, check for signed, dated, and attested scorecard entries, and serve as chairman of the Handicap Committee. The Handicap Chairman shall be responsible for maintaining a current telephone and mailing list of the membership. The Handicap Chairman shall assist in running monthly tournaments.

The Special Assistant shall assist the Tournament Chairman in the administration of all MVGA competitions and may run for the office of Tournament Chairman the year following his tenure as Special Assistant. The Special Assistant shall perform any other duties assigned by the President.

All officers, regardless of specific duties, should assist other officers to insure the best performance for the MVGA. All elected officers, as others, will pay yearly dues, tournament fees and DeKalb Cup entry fee.


A nominating committee to be composed of the Board of Directors and five at-large members shall conduct the elections for officers. The Board of Directors and current officers shall select the at-large members.

The nominations for officers shall be accepted from the membership through the nominating committee beginning no later than September 1st.

The nominating committee shall have the responsibility for the final decision on the proposed slate of officers.

The proposed list of candidates shall be submitted to the membership in the October newsletter.

The balloting will be closed effective the end of the November monthly tournament and the newly elected officers will be announced at the yearly awards presentation.


Candidates must be a member of the MVGA for at least one year to qualify for office and can serve for no more than two successive years.

The nominating committee shall be responsible for publishing the ballot with the slate of candidates for office. Ballots are counted by at least two members of the Board of Directors and the results certified by 50% of the Board of Directors and current officers.

If an officer fails to perform the duties of his elected office, he may be subject to removal by the Board of Directors and current officers. The Board and officers will select the replacement.


The Tournament Chairman and Special Assistant will organize and run a tournament every 3rd Saturday of each month. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the day of the tournament for the following month's tournament. Deadline for entries is the Monday prior to the tournament day. Early sign up is encouraged as the field may be limited. No assurance can be made that late entries will be accommodated. Members must have a current handicap to qualify for tournament participation. An entry fee will be charged and prizes will be awarded in the form of gift certificates redeemable in the pro shop. Starting times will be available by noon on the Friday before the tournament date. USGA rules govern all play except where superseded by local rules. All MVGA directed competitions will be conducted with the intent to play the ball down ie [as it lies] unless otherwise specifically noted by the committee.


All defending champions will be automatically qualified. All members must have an established USGA handicap and participate in at least one (1) MVGA monthly tournament prior to a major championship in order to enter in a championship tournament. The Handicap Committee may adjust participants' handicaps at its discretion.

The MVGA will conduct the following annual tournaments:

A Club Championship, which shall be played as a scratch medal play event.

A Club Championship, which shall be played as a scratch match play event.

The President's Cup, which shall be played as a handicap match play event.

A Seniors/Super Seniors Championship, which shall be played as handicap and scratch medal play events. Seniors must be at least 50 years of age and super seniors must be at least 62 years of age at the start of the tournament.

A Partners Championship, which shall be conducted as a match play event at 90% of each individual's handicap.

USGA rules govern all play, except where superseded by local rules.


This Labor Day Tradition shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors, and is held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This tournament is held in cooperation with the club professional and DeKalb County. All members are invited to participate.


Mystery Valley Golf Course and the MVGA sponsor this tournament. MVGA members assist the golf professional in running the tournament. Members are urged to volunteer their time and resources to this important and outstanding junior event.


For purposes of answering questions from members, an annual meeting will be held. The date will be announced in the newsletter. At any time these or future By-Laws are to be changed a special meeting of membership will be called and announced in the newsletter.


From time to time, life memberships may be bestowed upon deserving members and others, owing to their outstanding contribution to the growth and enrichment of the MVGA and its programs. Life members do not pay yearly dues. The Honors Committee shall conduct nomination for life membership. The Honors Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President and Life Members. The Committee may present prospective life members to the Board of Directors for approval.

The Committee may also present prospective honorary members who have been especially supportive of Mystery Valley Golf Association and to the Board of Directors. The Honors Committee shall review the term of such appointments annually.


The Awards Banquet will culminate the end of the golf season. Awards will be presented and the newly elected officers will be presented. The outgoing officers are responsible for conducting the affair. In addition to various championship awards, plaques will be presented to the most improved golfer and the outgoing officers.

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