Mystery Valley Golf Association


The first Dekalb Cup was held on the July 4th holiday weekend in 1967. Jerry Gilmartin and Bob Kiplinger won the first "Cup" in a playoff when on the third hole, Gilmartin made birdie. There were 54 teams in that tournament. The1968 tournament was also held on the July 4th weekend. All winners since then are posted in the Mystery Valley Club house.

Brince Manning was the Chairman of the Dekalb County Commission in 1968 and he felt this was a good way to promote the new Mystery Valley Golf Course. The Greens were not very good back then, in fact they were terrible. The next year 1969 (that was my first year) it was decided to move the "Cup" to Labor day weekend. This would give the Maintenance crew more time to prepare the course and to get the greens in shape. By the time August arrived, the greens would be in good shape. Then the greens were over seeded in September, so we had good greens about six weeks out of the year. The prizes at that time were whatever the local Pro could get the manufacturers to donate. That was also true of most other tournaments around the state.

I still have a Bag that I won years ago. My partner and a good friend of mine, Howard Potts, always played well in the "Cup"….winning our flight three years in a row. In the seventies the prizes were replaced with gift certificates. After that the "Cup" took off. It was the most sought after tournament in the state.. In the Eighties and Nineties we had to shut off entries at 110 teams. That was difficult because every one wanted to get in at the same time. There were teams as far away as Wisconsin requesting entry. If the summer was dry and very hot, then you could be sure of one thing….. it would rain on the "Cup".

There have been a few years when we did not get any rain on Labor Day weekend, however, We were always able to finish the tourney, regardless of what mother nature had in store for us. After the tournament, we took whatever proceeds leftover and donated to charities. That tradition carries on today. So, if you have never played in this event, be sure and mark it on your calendar, Labor Day Weekend, every year!

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